My first experience of equine meditation on horseback was with Bertie. Spirtually very calming, the connection with Bertie was with genuine warmth, relaxing and left me with a feeling of safety, calmness, and total one-ness with him and myself. A wonderful experience!
J.G - Isle of Skye


A relaxing first experience - would like to try it again! Horse enjoyed it too!
L.M - Isle of Skye


Great time! Open your eyes and mind and you are on your way! Here begins my journey! I love Tarrin!


Was lucky to be invited to a taster weekend at OSEM, found it to be a truly wonderful moving experience, never thought Id ever witness a horse meditating, let alone be meditating with them, but they really do, Incredible original Experience. I would Highly recommend a visit to the centre, and I'm looking forward to revisiting and trying out some of the other alternative therapy's on offer. x
Carolyn Copland


I've been meditating regularly for many years, so I was expecting something familiar when I first tried equine meditation. However I was in for a welcome surprise.... Within the first few minutes of the meditation I felt a floating sensation that was reminiscent of drifting on a calm sea, or swinging ever so gently in a hammock, it felt like being part of the wind itself and I could sense the horses breath somehow being part of this wonderful sensation.
As the meditation progressed the connection with the horse grew and grew until I felt like it was guiding me into its way of seeing the world, sharing it's experience!
The world around me melted away, and I saw beautiful images flash through my mind.
Immediately after the meditation, a deep and total sense of peace filled me to the brim.... The horses seems to feel the same and love and respect felt between all participants is impossible to deny.
I had no experience with horses when I first began my meditation yet I sat bare back and felt totally safe and well looked after by the professional, skilled and friendly team at Skye Trekking Centre. Without their patient and helpful guidance I would have missed out on truly peaceful and mind opening meditation session!
I have since return for a number of sessions, each time I meditate and feel my connection with the horse return and i go deeper into the realms of experience they seem able and willing to share with us.
Equine meditation is in my opinion an essential experience for everyone! Whether they meditate or not these incredible animals will offer you the chance to feel a connection you'd never have imagined possible.
Thank you everyone at Skye Trekking Centre - YOU guys are awesome and Ill see you all soon for my next session!
Louis Batters

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